Polythene Bags

We’re proud to offer an extensive range of polythene bags suited to a broad range of uses. Whether you’re looking for a plastic bag to hand out to your retail customers or you’re in the market for heavy-duty, large polythene bags suitable for use in the industrial sector, at No1 Packaging, we’ve got you covered.

Available to buy in wholesale quantities, our poly bags come in a wide variety of styles to suit your individual business requirements. With durability, practicality and strength all guaranteed when you shop with us, buy in bulk from No1 Packaging and delivery will be free on any orders over £50. Find more information on our shipping and returns policy right here.

Practicality guaranteed

Available in numerous styles, colour options and sizes, our polythene bags have been created to suit various applications across a range of sectors. As a result, all of our plastic bags boast a number of functional features that make them a truly versatile packaging solution:

  • Strong - less vulnerable to tearing and damage compared with non-poly alternatives, as well as being resistant to most chemicals, polythene bags are extremely strong and durable compared to other types of material bags
  • Time-efficient - due to how quick and easy they are to use, our polythene bags are sure to save you time in the packaging process - allowing you to keep lines moving efficiently while also being incredibly easy to store as a result of their flexible shape
  • Weatherproof - plastic bags offer the products they contain ultimate protection from the rain or other surrounding wet surfaces due to their weatherproof properties - ideal if your poly bags are likely to come into contact with any water while they’re stored or during transit
  • Cost-effective - polythene bags are a highly cost-effective packaging option when you opt to buy in bulk. By making these long-term savings, you can ensure value for money when it comes to your packaging solutions and invest the money you’ve saved into other areas of your business

Fit for commercial uses galore

  • In shops - for those of you in the retail sector looking for a reliable, cost-effective packaging solution to ensure your products make it from your shop to your customers’ homes safely, plastic carriers are just the thing. What’s more, if you’re looking to project a more personalised brand image through your product packaging, our bespoke carriers allow you to personalise your polythene bags to include your brand logo - helping you to cultivate a recognisable brand identity
  • In stockrooms and warehouses - an effective solution for retail stockrooms and warehouses where storage and organisation are paramount, large polythene bags like our refuse sacks and high density bags and sheets make tidying stock and sorting waste easy. This is due to their high tensile properties, ensuring impressive strength and durability in every application which allow heavy items to be disposed of without fear of the bags tearing when moved
  • In catering displays - popular in food preparation and catering businesses alike, our viscount boxed LDPE bags and car grip resealable bags are available in a range of sizes, protecting food from moisture and dirt to ensure it stays fresh for longer

After decades of experience providing businesses across the UK with professional packaging options to suit their unique needs, we strive to deliver unrivalled customer service with competitive prices to match.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy your polythene packaging bags with us today or get in touch with a friendly and knowledgeable member of our team with any bespoke enquiries and we’ll help you find the right packaging solution for you.

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