Crossweave Tape

If you’re looking for a super-strong packaging tape for reinforcing boxes or strapping down heavy loads, look no further than our heavy-duty crossweave tape.

Providing added strength and durability compared with standard parcel tape, this reinforced crossweave tape adheres beautifully to most surfaces to deliver a long-lasting, reliable seal.

With a choice of widths in stock, you can buy these 50m filament tape rolls individually or in bulk for even bigger savings.

Discover more about our robust crossweave tape and all of the practical properties that come with it right here.

Why use crossweave tape?

Our crossweave tape comes with practical properties galore, making it a go-to packaging solution.

Here are some of the top benefits you can enjoy with our reinforced crossweave tape:

  • Strength: our reinforced crossweave tape is manufactured to the highest industry standards. Featuring a strong rubber adhesive layer and crossweave reinforcement technology with glass fibre filaments, this tape is exceptionally strong and able to stand up to the most arduous of packing jobs
  • Added security: crossweave tape is ideal as a high-security parcel tape as its strength and durability make for a long-lasting fastening that’s tough to tamper with
  • Versatile: crossweave filament tape isn’t just for sealing boxes - it can also be used to bind together different materials (such as cardboard and plastic), which is a difficult task for non-reinforced tapes
  • Easy application: suitable for use with handheld tape dispensers, reinforced crossweave tape can be easily applied for speedy packaging processes

Your crossweave filament tape options

Within our crossweave tape collection, you’ll find an array of size options, making it easy for you to find just the right solution for your business.

Our natural-coloured reinforced crossweave tapes are currently supplied in 50m rolls in the following widths:

  • 25mm
  • 50mm
  • 75mm
  • 100mm

Crossweave tape applications

Crossweave tape is highly versatile, meaning it’s right at home in a variety of industries and applications.

Here are some of the more common uses for filament tape:

  • Courier services: give packages sent through the post or by courier extra strength and security with a robust reinforced crossweave tape seal
  • Ecommerce: if you’re shipping heavy goods or high-value cargo, a reliable filament tape fastening can make sure your packaging retains its integrity to protect goods in transit
  • Despatch depots and warehouses: perfect for strapping heavy cargo down or bundling items together, as well as reinforcing box seals, heavy-duty crossweave tape is a must-have item in these environments
  • Removals: the strength and bond delivered by this filament tape makes it an ideal solution for domestic and commercial removals, helping to keep heavy and fragile items safely sealed during storage and transit

Buying reinforced crossweave tape online

At No1 Packaging, we strive to bring you the best quality products at the best possible prices - and our crossweave tapes are no exception. Put simply, you’re guaranteed to get a great deal when you shop online with us.

Our wholesale pricing structure also gives you the chance to make even more savings when you buy in bulk. Plus, our free UK-wide delivery on all orders over £50 and our secure online checkout make it easy to get your hands on our strong crossweave packaging tape.

For pocket-friendly prices on packaging essentials, like our reinforced filament tape, shop our complete range online now. For more information on any of our crossweave tape products, or to go through your needs in person, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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