Carpet Tape

At No1 Packaging, we strive to deliver practical, affordable tape solutions you can rely on, and our heavy-duty carpet tape is no exception.

Whether you’re in the carpet installation trade or simply looking for a solution for your own home, our double-sided carpet tape boasts outstanding adhesion and durability for securing carpets, underlay and rugs in place.

Read on to find out all you need to know about buying carpet tape right here.

Why use carpet tape?

Carpet isn’t an easy material to stick down but, with our premium-quality carpet and rug tape, you can have peace of mind it will deliver outstanding performance every time. 

This is all thanks to carpet tape’s array of practical properties, which give you the perfect solution to fixing down carpet and rugs:

  • Strongly adhesive: equipped with a strong adhesive glue layer on both sides, our yellow double-sided carpet tape delivers exceptional bonding with all types of carpets and other materials, including sensitive surfaces 
  • Residue-free: despite this strong bond, our carpet binding tape is easy to remove without leaving any sticky residue behind
  • Durable: manufactured to incredibly high standards and made to last, this carpet edging tape boasts exceptional strength and durability for securing carpet, underlay and rugs into position
  • Easy to apply: as well as being strong, the tape itself can be torn to size by hand with ease, while the pressure-sensitive bonding makes this carpet tape quick and easy to apply

Carpet tape applications 

While it may be commonly called carpet tape, carpets aren’t the only thing this strong double-sided tape can secure into place.

Here are some of the top ways you can put this robust carpet binding tape to use:

  • Carpets: from commercial buildings to your own home, poorly secured carpet and underlay not only look unsightly but can also pose a tripping hazard. So, ensure your carpets are suitably taped down with our trustworthy high-tack carpet tape
  • Rugs and mats: avoid curled edges and prevent rugs from moving out of position (which can cause slips and trips) by securing them down with robust anti-slip carpet tape along the edges
  • Underlay: keep that cushioning and insulating layer between a hard subfloor and carpet firmly in place with trusty carpet edging tape between the two layers
  • Floor tiles: carpet, vinyl and rubber floor tiles - often found in commercial fitness spaces, hotels and other hospitality venues - can be secured down with our strong adhesive carpet binding tape
  • Temporary flooring: in event venues like convention halls, conference rooms and trade show arenas, anti-slip carpet tape offers a reliable, removable option for dressing venues temporarily with different flooring options

Buying carpet tape online 

Whether you’re looking for carpet tape from a professional point of view or for use in the home, at No1 Packaging, we offer some of the lowest prices for carpet binding tape in the UK. But low cost doesn’t mean compromising on quality - all of our tapes deliver on practicality and performance, too.

Supplied in 50mm x 10m rolls, you can buy individual rolls or benefit from wholesale discounts when you buy in bulk. Simply add your desired quantity to your shopping cart, head to the secure checkout and we’ll do the rest - we even offer free mainland UK delivery for all orders over £50.

Shop for high-quality carpet tape online right now. If you have any questions or want to discuss your unique needs in more detail, get in touch with our packaging experts today.

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