Gaffer Tape

Gaffer tape and duct tape are highly adhesive, powerful sealing tapes that can be used effectively for multiple applications, from securing packages to taping down wires on a film set. However, there’s a common misconception that these two tapes are one and the same - with many people incorrectly using the two terms interchangeably. These cloth tapes have different properties that make them suited to specific uses, so it’s important you understand the differences to ensure you buy the best tape for your unique requirements.

Luckily, you’re in the right place. As packaging experts, we’re here to clear up this confusion, explaining the subtle yet essential differences between the gaffer and duct tapes available in our fabric tape range. This will ensure you find just the quality products you need for your requirements.

Quality duct tape

Within this range, you’ll find premium duct tape that’s specially designed to be tough, highly adhesive and durable - making it an ideal companion for packaging applications, construction and other industrial environments.

Manufactured from cloth with a polythene backing, duct tape (also incorrectly referred to as duck tape) is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and boasts effective water-resistant properties. With a strong rubber adhesive that provides a long-lasting fix to the desired surface, this waterproof fabric tape can be used as a protective wrap for heating installation pipework in construction environments, for securing and sealing heavy boxes and much more.

Available in a choice of colours that include black, silver and white, and in a variety of widths and lengths, our high-performance duct tape is a reliable and versatile tape solution that’s perfectly suited for heavy-duty use.

Premium gaffer tape

When it comes to gaffer tape, the subtle differences can easily be missed by the untrained eye, but we’re here to help. Still providing a robust, versatile, waterproof strapping option, black gaffer tape is commonly used in the film and theatre industry for taping up equipment wires for added safety on set - while white gaffer tape can be used to help identify hazards on floors.

Also made from cloth, this water-resistant tape delivers excellent adhesion to surfaces, with a rubber adhesive layer to ensure it stays in place as a temporary fix rather than a long-lasting option - which ensures no sticky residue is left behind on expensive filming equipment.

Our range includes black, white and silver gaffer tape in varying sizes that range from rolls of 4.5m up to 50m, so you can be sure you never run short of tape when you need it.

High-performance solutions from No1 Packaging

Here at No1 Packaging, we fully understand the importance of buying the right gaffer or duct tape solution to meet your business requirements and your budget. This is why you’ll find high-quality products at great value prices, guaranteeing you can find the perfect balance between the two.

With bulk order discounts and free delivery on orders over £50, make No1 Packaging your first stop for packaging supplies - simply place your order online today.

Of course, if you have more specific requirements or want more information on our cloth duct and gaffer tape products, you can get in touch with our expert team of packaging specialists - they’re always happy to help.

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