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No1 Packaging is your one-stop shop for affordable, practical and high-quality packaging supplies, including our popular single wall cardboard boxes. A highly popular choice for packing, storing and shipping a wide range of parcels and other items, our single wall boxes are an essential packaging staple for delivery operations, ecommerce, manufacturing, warehouses, retail, removals and much more.

Available in an extensive range of sizes and dimensions to accommodate all of your packaging needs, these sturdy boxes provide a strong, durable and versatile container - whether you need small boxes for shipping delicate items or larger boxes for an office relocation.

Simple, strong and effective packaging solutions

All of our single wall boxes are designed with quality in mind, ensuring each and every box meets our high standards to deliver premium packaging solutions your business can rely on. Supplied in flat-plack form with a four-flap design that’s quick and easy to construct, these boxes take up minimal storage space and are portable, too. Simply build, fill and seal them with packaging tape for a secure and strong packaging solution.

Suitable for light and medium use, these boxes feature a single layer of corrugated cardboard that’s encased between thick brown paper to ensure the sides retain their integrity. This added strength means boxes can be safely stacked on top of one another without collapsing, allowing you to make efficient use of every inch of space. This cushioned layer also serves to absorb impacts that can occur during shipping - working to keep your cargo intact when it arrives at its final destination.

A practical and versatile for every setting

Our high-quality single wall boxes can be used in a broad variety of applications and industries. From warehouses, logistics and postal rooms to retail environments, offices, house removals and general domestic use, rest assured these versatile boxes will provide the practical packaging solution you need.

Whether you’re looking to buy 50 boxes or 5,000, we pride ourselves on supplying premium quality products at great-value online prices. Simply pick your products and head to the checkout. We even offer free mainland UK delivery on all orders over £50. With special discounts available for bulk orders on single wall boxes, wholesale customers can benefit from even bigger savings when purchasing large quantities, too.

Browse our complete range of single wall boxes online now. If you have any questions about our products, your order requirements or our delivery policies, head to our Contact page to speak to one of our packaging experts.

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