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Here at No1 Packaging, we offer a diverse range of masking tape, also commonly known as painter's tape or decorator’s tape - all at great-value prices. Whether you’re a professional painter and decorator or DIY enthusiast, masking tape is a must-have piece of equipment to keep in your toolbox - and in our wholesale masking tape collection, you’ll find affordable, high-quality solutions to decorating dilemmas of all kinds.

Why use masking tape

Masking tape has a few unique properties which make it a perfect companion for painting and decorating projects, as it can be used almost anywhere. Whether you’re ensuring there are no bleeding colours between ceilings and walls or you’re using it to protect windows from paint splashes, this tape will help you achieve a professional finish.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the practical perks that make masking tape the only option for painting and decorating projects: 

  • Instant adhesion: our masking tapes are designed to stick to most surfaces, including painted walls, wood, glass and metal, being used to mark off specific areas for painting projects, crafts and more
  • No residue: this excellent adhesion won’t cause issues further down the line, though, as our masking tape can be easily removed without leaving any glue residue behind or damaging the original surface
  • Multi-purpose: masking tape can be used either to protect surfaces from paint, lacquer or varnish when decorating, or as a guide for painting straight lines
  • Durable: all of our masking tapes offer good resistance to water and solvents - including most paints - and our blue masking tape is UV-resistant for up to 2 weeks. This makes our masking tape suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications
  • Easy to use: masking tape is easy to tear and can be ripped by hand or cut to your desired length with no hassle, making it quick and hassle-free to apply

Your masking tape options

When it comes to choosing the right masking tape for the job, we’ve got you covered. We stock a variety of options to help you find just the right solution for your project.

Here are some of our most popular masking tape options:

  • General purpose masking tape: available in 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm, 72mm and 96mm widths, this robust, natural coloured decorating tape comes in 50m rolls, making sure you never run short of masking tape during a project. From intricate car paint jobs to large-scale decorating projects, you’re sure to find a tape width to suit all kinds of applications
  • Retail masking tape packs: sold in packs of 6 and 9, this retail general purpose masking tape delivers the same reliable adhesion and durability with extra savings for buying in bulk. Available in 24mm, 36mm and 48mm widths on 25m rolls, it’s an ideal purchase for use in professional painting and decorating environments
  • Blue UV-resistant masking tape: stocked in 24mm and 48mm widths on 50m rolls, our blue masking tape is designed to withstand exposure to sunlight without leaving any residue behind even after 14 days. Suitable for use in both interior and exterior environments, this blue masking tape is perfect for painting and decorating projects

Masking tape applications

Most typically associated with painting and decorating applications, masking tape is in fact far more versatile than it gets credit for, being used in a variety of applications and industries. 

If you’re wondering whether masking tape is the right choice for your project, here are some of the ways it can be used:

  • Painting and decorating: for professional decorators, masking tape is a must-have for painting to protect surfaces and keep lines crisp and neat, as well as acting as a guideline to keep lines and shapes tidy
  • Automotive: with good adhesion to glass and metal, masking tape is commonly used in the automotive trade for protecting surfaces during bodywork paint jobs
  • Carpentry and crafts: easy to tear with good adhesion to a variety of surfaces including wood, masking tape works well in carpentry and crafting applications as a guide marker and protective edge during painting
  • Building and construction: as a general purpose tape, masking tape has a few handy uses in building and construction environments. These include acting as a protective layer when cutting or drilling materials to prevent the surface from splitting and the cutting blade from slipping. It also works well to secure glued items in place while drying and for binding together small parts from furniture to prevent them from being lost

Buy high-quality masking tape online

Whatever masking tape solution you’re after, our wholesale selection is designed to deliver the diversity and quality you need - and all at irresistibly low prices.

With exclusive discounts on bulk orders and free delivery when you spend £50, you’re guaranteed to find a reliable, affordable masking tape option right here. We even offer next working day delivery across the UK if you order before 11am - perfect if you’re working to a tight deadline.

However you choose to use masking tape in your project, our aim is to make your shopping experience as simple as possible. Browse our full online range of masking tapes for painting, crafting and more right now to bag yourself a great deal in no time.

Got a question or want to discuss your requirements in more detail? No problem - our team of packaging experts are always happy to help. Give us a call today on 0845 486 4444 or email

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