Bar Grip Resealable Bags

Whether you’re operating in the food, retail or manufacturing industry, our premium-quality bar grip bags are a highly useful packaging staple to have to hand. Suitable for a broad range of bagging tasks, these clear resealable bags deliver a lightweight, durable and cost-effective solution you know your business can rely on.

Sizes and specifications galore

At No1 Packaging, we stock a diverse range of bar grip bags that come in a variety of sizes and specifications for general purpose use. From small, clear resealable bags for nuts and bolts to larger options with a write-on panel for easy identification and product categorisation, we’re sure you’ll find the ideal solution.

All of our bar grip bags are manufactured to the highest quality using durable, see-through polythene. Featuring a strong, resealable grip, items can be placed in the bag and housed in an airtight and watertight container to protect them from the elements. The clear plastic enables easy identification of contents without them having to be removed from the bag, while the resealable grip means these bags can be used multiple times - making them an economical option for any supply chain.

Our standard plain bar grip bags are an ideal option for lightweight applications, such as storing small machinery parts, screws or even edible goods. When you need a little added peace of mind, we also offer heavy-duty clear resealable bags with a thicker polythene gauge specifically designed for housing heavier items without the risk of the plastic tearing or puncturing. 

For even better product visibility or inventory organisation, why not invest in our write-on resealable bag options? With a white, opaque panel to write on, you can label the items inside for easy product identification. Whether you’re adding a product SKU number, volume of units inside or a bagging date, the addition of a written label is a sure-fire way to up the efficiency of your supply chain in a small but meaningful way.

High-quality solutions at great-value prices

When it comes to purchasing your packaging supplies, we fully understand the importance of striking the right balance between quality and price - and with our premium bar grip bags, we’re confident you’ll find high-quality solutions at great-value prices.

With a quick and easy checkout process and free shipping to mainland UK on all orders over £50, buying bar grip bags for your business couldn't be simpler. We even offer special discounts when you order large quantities, meaning you can enjoy even greater savings while making sure you always have a ready supply in stock.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop our extensive collection of clear resealable bags right now. Of course, if you have any questions about our products or want to know more about our bulk ordering service, our team of experts are always on hand to help - get in touch today.

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