Printed Tape

If you’re looking for a wholesale solution to buying specialist packing tape in bulk, you’ve come to the right place. Our printed tape range is the home of specialist packaging tape options to help you make your mark on product deliveries and communicate important messages to couriers and customers alike.


Communicate key information

Printed packing tape allows you to ensure your packaging is instantly recognisable - a crucial factor when it comes to preserving products in transit. With various printed messages to choose from, including popular options such as ‘fragile’, ‘caution’, ‘this way up’ and ‘handle with care’, our printed parcel tape allows you to ensure your product is handled in the most appropriate way.

Improving both the security and visibility of your product - and with width options ranging from 48mm to 40mm and lengths ranging from 50m to 66m - this packaging tape really can be bought to match your exact specifications, offering practical benefits galore.


Reflect product quality

However high the quality of your products is, if the quality of the outer packaging isn’t up to those same standards, this can reflect negatively on the product itself - however unfair this may seem. With our premium printed tape, you can avoid any damage to the reputation of your brand or your products by ensuring your packaging is professional, durable and generally high quality.

You can rest assured that our printed parcel tape is manufactured to the reliably high standards that have helped us to become a market leader in the UK’s packaging industry - protecting your products from harm and doing so using environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

To explore your options when it comes to printed packing tape, shop our online range today and give us a call on 01992 702470 to discuss your unique needs in more detail with a member of our expert team.

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