Kraft Paper Tape

As your one-stop shop for all things packaging, No1 Packaging has everything you need when it comes to affordable and reliable sealing solutions for boxes, jiffy bags and more. And here, you’ll find our range of kraft paper tape.


Perfect for ensuring secure and efficient shipments, our standard duty kraft paper tape will deliver a strong, long-lasting bond as well as excellent resistance to moisture and humidity. These practical properties help goods stay fully sealed and contained within their packaging wherever they’re being shipped to.


Practical, convenient sealing solutions


At No1 Packaging, we fully appreciate that every aspect of your supply chain needs to run like a well-oiled machine - and our kraft paper tape is designed to slot right into operations to bolster efficiency.


With our high-grade kraft paper tape, your packers can seal and ship with ease - as this tape can be conveniently torn by hand, or used with one of our tape dispensers for even faster sealing. You’ll find 50m-long rolls available to buy with a choice of tape widths including 25mm, 38mm, 48mm and 75mm - giving you all of the variety you need to seal cardboard boxes and packages of all shapes and sizes.


This high-performance kraft paper tape doesn’t require any water to activate the adhesive bond, either. All this goes towards streamlining your supply chain processes when it comes to preparing goods for shipping.


Sustainability and quality built in


We take great pride with all our packaging products, ensuring each and every one is manufactured to the highest standard and undergoes stringent quality control to give you premium packaging products you can trust.


We also take our environmental responsibilities seriously, which is why our kraft paper tape is manufactured from FSC responsibly sourced kraft paper. Perfect for brands looking to promote sustainability in their supply chain, this 100% recyclable kraft paper tape delivers exceptional adhesion to almost any surface, while helping to reduce your company’s environmental impact.


Shop our full range of kraft paper tape online today and take advantage of our bulk-buy discounts, giving you even greater savings the more you buy. We also offer free delivery across mainland UK for all orders over £50. And if you have any questions about any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our packaging experts.

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