Greaseproof Paper

If you’re on the hunt for high-quality greaseproof paper for your business, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, you’re in the right place. 

At No1 Packaging, we stock a choice of premium-quality baking paper at great value prices, giving you the best of both worlds.

Discover everything you need to know about our greaseproof paper right here.

Why use greaseproof paper?

Whether you’re running a streamlined commercial kitchen or an independent bakery, greaseproof paper is an everyday essential for wrapping, baking and serving food you can’t afford to do without.

With greaseproof paper from No1 Packaging, you can enjoy: 


  • High performance: all of our greaseproof paper sheets have been manufactured to an exacting standard, ensuring they provide consistently high quality each and every time
  • Versatile: as a food-grade paper, our single-use imitation white greaseproof paper is suitable for use in various food environments, including bakeries, commercial kitchens, delis and cafes for use with cooked and raw food
  • Durable: with built-in resistance to grease and oil, our greaseproof paper is designed to be durable, preventing the paper from going soggy and minimising liquid seepage
  • Temperature tolerance: able to withstand high temperatures, our baking papers are the perfect accompaniment for cooking food in the oven, ensuring baked items don’t stick to and damage cooking equipment 
  • Fresher food: an ideal option for wrapping and serving food such as sandwiches, cakes and fast food, our greaseproof paper sheets ensure the food wrapped inside stays fresher for longer
  • Added convenience: served in pre-cut sheets, greaseproof paper for baking and wrapping can be a quick and easy option for food preparation and service in busy environments

Your greaseproof paper options

Whether you need a simple yet effective food wrap for cold cuts and sandwiches or a reliable option for baking, we have you covered. 

Our top-selling greaseproof paper includes:

  • Imitation greaseproof papers: ideal for wrapping, baking and serving food, our white imitation greaseproof paper is a trusty general purpose baking paper that you won’t want to work without

Greaseproof paper applications

We’ve already touched on the versatility and durability of our greaseproof paper, but here are some common applications and environments where this paper really comes into its own:

  • Delis and cafes: suitable for wrapping food in storage or as a method for serving, greaseproof paper wrap is a must-have item to keep food fresher for longer
  • Bakeries: make light work when it comes to the cleanup and ensure every baked batch is a complete success with a non-stick baking paper you can trust
  • Fast food restaurants: our pre-cut greaseproof paper sheets are ideal for use in busy fast-food environments where timing is crucial
  • Butchers & fishmongers: when it comes to wrapping cold cuts, our food grade greaseproof papers offer an affordable option for packaging pre-cooked products
  • Commercial kitchens: from pastry cases to steam-baked fish, in commercial culinary environments, white general purpose greaseproof paper can be put to so many uses

Buying greaseproof paper online

At No1 Packaging, we keep a close eye on the market and our production processes to ensure we consistently offer the best possible prices on quality packaging products. Our greaseproof baking paper range is no exception. 

With pocket-friendly prices and special discounts when you order in bulk, you can enjoy even greater savings. Plus, we offer free mainland UK delivery on all orders over £5, bringing you high-quality packaging products for less.

To make sure your business is fully equipped with those everyday essentials, shop our complete range of greaseproof paper products online today. Of course, if you need any more information or want to discuss your individual requirements in more detail, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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