Polypropylene Large Coils

  • Supplied in large 220m length coils, our thick polypropylene rope is relatively lightweight and versatile
  • Our heavy-duty polypropylene ropes are available in a choice of thicknesses: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm 
  • Featuring 3-braided polypropylene strands, this product offers excellent strength and durability with good resistance to abrasion, rot and chemicals, even when used outdoors 
  • This versatile rope has a wide range of usages in industrial and commercial settings, including draw cords for underground cables, tying bales, crop packing, securing down cargo and tarpaulins for shipping, vehicle towing and more
  • As the rope is light enough to float on water it can be used in marine settings for light-duty applications, but we would recommend opting for a yarn construction or staple spun rope in these demanding environments
  • Always make sure that the rope you buy is right for the intended purpose, as this product is not designed for lifting use
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Polypropylene Large Coils

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