The hospitality industry covers a broad range of sectors including hotels, theatres, event venues and much more - and when it comes to ensuring you have all the essential hospitality packaging supplies you need, No1 Packaging has you covered.


As one of the UK’s leading packaging suppliers, we offer a diverse range of solutions that can be used within the hospitality sector. From heavy-duty refuse sacks to bespoke packaging solutions, you can shop a wide choice of products online, all in one convenient place.

Everyday packaging essentials you can rely on


When it comes to customer-facing industries like hospitality, we know that having everyday packaging essentials that you can trust is all part of giving your customers the service and quality they expect.


That’s why shopping with No1 Packaging makes perfect sense. Whether you’re looking for packaging supplies for commercial kitchens or custom boxes for event merchandising, each and every product we manufacture is designed to deliver on durability and performance.


Premium-quality products at low prices, guaranteed


Applying our years of experience and expertise as packaging manufacturers and suppliers, we pride ourselves on producing premium-quality solutions that come at an affordable price. At every part of the supply chain, we strive to optimise our processes to uphold strict quality control measures, all while keeping costs down. The result means we’re able to give you competitive prices on all the packaging essentials you need for your business, without having to compromise on product quality.


Our commitment to offering great value for money is also reflected in our free delivery to mainland UK on orders over £50, as well as our structured pricing that allows you to save even more money, the more you buy. This means you can buy hospitality packaging supplies in bulk at low-prices, ensuring you always have the equipment you need in stock.


To discover how No1 Packaging can help your business, browse our range of hospitality packaging supplies online today. Of course, if you have a question about any of our products or wish to discuss your individual requirements with one of our packaging experts, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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