48mm Packaging Tapes

Standard 50m or 66m length rolls available with and without retail packaging. 

We also have longer 150m length rolls available with a cost-effective smaller core that’s better for the environment.

  • Strong-bonding parcel packing tapes ideal for use in warehouses, logistics, mail rooms, offices and removals to seal and secure cartons or bundle items together.
  • 48mm box sealing tape supplied in brown or clear with a cardboard core that can be used with a handheld dispenser for easy application.
  • 4 different packaging tape options available.
  • Acrylic: a good quality parcel packaging tape for everyday use. Easy to use with a low-static coating for tangle-free unwinding. Low-noise packaging tape options are also available for a quiet release
  • Premium acrylic: a premium high-quality grade acrylic packing tape, ideal for longer term use, also available in low noise
  • Freezer grade acrylic: premium performance heavy-duty packaging tape, ideal for all applications including both chilled and humid conditions
  • Hot melt: high-performance polypropylene packaging tape with a high-tack hot melt rubber-resin adhesive, good instant stick - ideal for most applications.
  • PVC/vinyl: premium-quality parcel tape with a strong and permanent adhesive. Quiet release from the roll which can be torn by hand and used without a dispenser.
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48mm Packaging Tapes

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