If you work within the fashion design industry, then you’ll fully understand the need to source quality underlay paper you can rely on for pattern designing and cutting, like our premium Fashion Paper Underlay.

An essential piece of equipment in fashion design houses and clothing manufacturing operations, our rolls of paper underlay are designed to make pattern drawing and cutting efficient and productive.

Produced from quality paper, this underlay provides a strong and smooth surface for drawing pattern outlines that doesn’t tear easily or leave any paper residue on fabrics, yet it’s easy to cut into your desired shape and size.

As well as pattern cutting, it can also double up as packing paper rolls, ideal for protecting materials when storing and shipping to distributors, retailers and customers. Whether it’s wrapping individual items in boxes or using it as an interleaving sheet, as a packing paper this product can help to ensure pieces arrive in perfect condition.

With creativity at a premium in the fashion industry, make sure your ideas aren’t stilted by a lack of pattern drawing paper by ordering your wholesale packaging products in bulk. You’ll guarantee you always have a plentiful supply when you need it and benefit from competitive wholesale prices too.

To keep your fashion design house productive and efficient, order your underlay paper from Kendon Packaging today, one of the leading packaging companies in the UK.

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