Whether used for pattern cutting or as a packing paper, our premium Fashion Tracing Paper is an essential product that can be put to many uses within the fashion industry - from the design process through to retail environments.

For use as a pattern underlay in fashion cutting rooms and clothing manufacturing plants, this semi-translucent paper allows outlines to be visible for easy and efficient garment cutting, without the worry of paper fibres or pattern ink being transferred onto the fabric - vital when working with delicate materials.

Used as a packaging solution, this lightweight, yet durable tracing paper offers an effective protective layer when storing or shipping clothing, shoes, accessories - preventing them from getting scratched or dirty and keeping them in pristine condition. Whether used as a filler and separator in shoe boxes or as an attractive outer wrap for handbags, clothes or jewellery, this tracing packing paper is designed to be strong and less likely to tear then standard tissue paper. While also giving your fashion products a professional looking finish.

As leading packaging manufacturers in the UK, we continuously strive to lead the way from an environmental point of view, endeavouring to produce our products in the most eco-friendly way, as well as meeting the latest government regulations. Where possible, we use recycled and recyclable materials in our finished products, making us a suitable packaging choice for eco-conscious brands.

To benefit from great value and quality packing products, why not order in bulk? With competitive wholesale prices, you can have peace of mind that you’ll always have plenty of packing paper available, even when there’s a rush on sales.

Browse our full range of fashion tracing paper today to find the perfect solution to meet your needs.

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