Dot & Cross

When it comes to pattern drawing and cutting in the fashion industry, precision is crucial if you want to minimise waste and ensure garments are made to fit the wearer perfectly. This is where our premium Dot and Cross Pattern Paper could be the perfect solution for getting pattern cuts spot on.

Available in various sizes, our Dot and Cross paper rolls are the perfect addition for busy fashion design houses and apparel manufacturing environments, ensuring pattern templates are drawn and cut to exact measurements.

Made from bright white tracing paper that’s semi-transparent, this roll of single-ply pattern paper features a symmetrical dot and cross pattern in a dark, contrasting colour that’s designed to make measuring and marking garment outlines simple and effective. It’s also incredibly lightweight yet still durable, allowing you to easily pin and sew to materials and fold patterns away without the worry of tears or heavy creases in the paper.

A must-have tool for fashion designers, tailors, dressmakers and clothing manufacturers alike, ordering your dot & cross pattern making paper in bulk will ensure you always have plenty in stock to pen your latest inspirations, while also enjoying wholesale packaging prices.

To order your dot and cross pattern making paper today, simply choose the size you need from our full range below.

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