Meat Protector

Our premium meat saver paper food packaging is the ideal addition for butchers, delis and food preparation environments where raw and cooked meats are handled. Whether used as a protective wrap for storing raw meat in the fridge or as an outer layer for cooked meats being sold to customers, this quality meat saver paper is designed to be strong, non-absorbent and durable - optimising food freshness.

Manufactured to adhere to the latest food health and safety guidelines, our meat saver food papers are supplied in pre-cut sheets, allowing you to quickly and efficiently wrap poultry and red meat.

The thickness and composition of the paper is designed to ensure paper food packaging doesn’t tear easily - even when wrapping whole cuts with bones. While the non-absorbent properties keeps juices within the meat - so it retains the bright red appearance, even when pre-cut.

With meat freshness optimised, our meat saver papers can also reduce the need to trim cuts where the meat has oxidised and discoloured - helping to reduce wastage on valuable products.

As leading manufacturers of premium food packaging supplies in the UK, we recommend buying these products in bulk to guarantee you always have plenty of meat saver papers in stock. It will also allow you to benefit from great savings on our wholesale prices to bolster profit margins.

Whether you’re handling fresh cuts or cold cooked meats, browse our full range of meat saver paper food packaging today to ensure your business has everything it needs for safe, hygienic and effective meat wrapping.

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