Vest Style Carrier Bags

If you’re looking for high-quality, general purpose carrier bags for your retail store or business, our selection of vest style carrier bags presents the ideal option. Supplied in a host of sizes, colours and thicknesses, we’re confident you’ll find the most appropriate and affordable carrier bags for your business.

Practical, hassle-free packaging

All of our vest style carrier bags have been manufactured to a premium standard, featuring an optimised design with a block-headed feature for hanging and embossed plastic for easy opening. This makes these carriers a hassle-free and practical choice you can rely on, whether you’re a wholesaler, brick-and-mortar retailer or fast food outlet.

Choose from small, medium and large carrier bags to suit your packing needs, and find colour options galore - including white, black, blue and multi-coloured, striped designs. You can also take your pick when it comes to material options. Whether you need recycled plastic to uphold an eco-friendly ethos for your brand or high tensile options for heavier applications, our diverse range is up to the job.

Premium packaging for less

At No1 Packaging, we know the packaging you choose needs to offer the perfect blend of quality and value for money - which is exactly what you’ll find when you shop with us. Made to exacting manufacturing standards using high-quality materials, all of our carrier bags offer reliable performance at competitive prices. 

If you’re looking to buy bulk quantities of carrier bags, our discounted wholesale prices make this a worthwhile investment - ensuring you never run short on essential supplies. With the option to buy online today and get free shipping to mainland UK on all orders over £50, we make purchasing packaging a quick and easy process.

Shop our complete range of vest style carrier bags online now or get in touch with our packaging experts if you need to know more about any of our products or bespoke services.

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