Vest Style Carrier Bags

If you’re looking for high-quality, general-purpose plastic carrier bags for your business, you’re in the right place.

At No1 Packaging, we stock a selection of vest-style carrier bags that are an ideal option for retailers. With carrier bags for sale in various sizes and specifications (including biodegradable plastic carrier bags), you’ll find ample options.

Whether you want durable carrier bags for groceries or clothing, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect carrier bags for your business at No1 Packaging - all at an affordable price.

Let’s take a closer look at our carrier bag options and what they can bring to your business.

Why use vest-style carrier bags?

Not all carrier bags are the same, and they’re definitely more than just a thin layer of plastic.

For many businesses, plastic carrier bags provide that all-important finishing touch for transporting their goods from A to B. So, when you’re choosing carrier bags for your business, you want to make sure they possess all the important attributes of quality, durability and practicality.

With No1 Packaging’s vest carrier bags, you’ll find all these and more:

  • Quality: all our vest-style plastic carrier bags have been manufactured to a premium standard, making sure each product delivers the same uniform high-level performance
  • Practicality: equipped with an optimised design that boasts a block-headed feature for hanging and embossed plastic for easy opening, our polythene carrier bags are a hassle-free and practical choice
  • Durable: made from high-quality plastic, these carrier bags are designed to minimise tearing and puncturing for light to medium duty use. These plastic carrier bags offer ample carrying space with a sturdy handle for confident carrying
  • Versatile: supplied in plain white plastic in a choice of shades, these small carrier bags are incredibly versatile for carrying all kinds of goods, from sweets to meats
  • Eco-friendly: with biodegradable plastic options available, you can have recyclable plastic that’s equipped for heavier applications but upholds an eco-friendly brand ethos

Your vest carrier bag options

At No1 Packaging, we continually strive to bring you the best product variety and our vest carrier bags range is no exception. Our white plastic carrier bags come in packs of 1000 and give you plenty of options for sizes and specifications.

We currently have carrier bags for sale in two sizes:

  • 275mm x 415mm x 515mm
  • 300mm x 430mm x 580mm

You can also take your pick when it comes to material options:

  • Quartz White18 micron (Standard)
  • Diamond White 20 micron (Standard)
  • Quartz White 18 micron (Biodegradable)
  • Diamond White 20 micron (Biodegradable)

Vest-style carrier bag applications

One of the biggest benefits of vest carrier bags is their exceptional versatility, making them a practical and hassle-free choice for use across a wide range of applications.

Some of their most popular applications may include:

  • Wholesalers: in busy wholesale and cash and carry environments, high-quality and low-cost carrier bags can be used to bag up a varying stock range while keeping cost margins down
  • Brick-and-mortar retailers: from shoes and clothing to electrical goods and hardware products, whatever is on sale, a ready supply of vest carrier bags will make sure customers have the perfect vessel for carrying out their purchases
  • Fast food outlets: keep food service quick and efficient with trusty plastic carrier bags for take out edibles that are easy to open and durable
  • Market traders: whether you’re selling the catch of the day, seasonal vegetables or everyday knick knacks, practical white plastic carrier bags are a must-have for independent traders
  • Grocery and convenience stores: from sweets and snacks to quick dinner essentials, keep your customers happy with carrier bags designed to hold all manner of everyday items

Buying vest carrier bags online

At No1 Packaging, we bring you premium packaging for less.

We know the packaging you choose needs to offer the perfect blend of quality and value for money - which is exactly what you’ll find when you shop with us. Made to exacting manufacturing standards using high-quality materials, all of our plastic vest-style carrier bags offer reliable performance at competitive prices.

With the option to buy online today and get free shipping to mainland UK on all orders over £50, we make purchasing packaging must-haves a quick and easy process. We also give you the option to buy bulk quantities of cheap plastic carrier bags with discounted wholesale prices - ensuring you never run short on essential supplies.

Whatever business you’re in, if you need reliable carrier bags, you’re in the right place. Shop our complete range of vest-style carrier bags online now. Or get in touch with our packaging experts if you need to know more about any of our products or require bespoke solutions.

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