When it comes to shipping items in the post, No1 Packaging has you covered. Our online store has all the everyday postal essentials your business needs in one convenient place - including padded envelopes.

We offer some of the lowest prices on padded envelopes in the UK, plus free delivery on orders over £50. This means you can make great savings when you shop online with us.

With a choice of small, medium and large padded envelopes and board options in various colours, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

A staple item for safe and secure shipment of goods and documents for ecommerce enterprises, offices, dispatch depots and more, explore the full range online now.

Why use padded envelopes?

From letters and books to cosmetics, clothes and giftware, with our diverse range of premium-quality padded envelopes, you can ship anything and everything safely through the post.

Some of the practical benefits you can expect with our padded envelopes include:

  • Durability: lined with a bubble wrap pouch encased in robust paper, our durable padded envelopes provide an air-cushioned layer with good tear resistance to absorb impacts in transit
  • Protection: these design features provide a strong, protective outer layer, so you can send items through the post without the worry of the contents being damaged
  • Lightweight: our padded envelopes are incredibly lightweight, helping to keep postal costs down while still protecting what’s inside
  • Quality: manufactured to an exacting standard, each and every board and padded envelope we produce is made to deliver high-quality packaging solution you can rely on
  • Secure: featuring a strong, seal-and-peel flap, you can rest assured the contents inside will remain safe and secure until they reach their final destination
  • Versatility: the credentials of our padded envelopes makes them exceptionally versatile for use across a variety of industries

Your padded envelope options

At No1 Packaging, we strive to offer you options galore when it comes to product variety and with our envelopes range you won’t be disappointed.

Take your pick from the following envelope designs:

  • Board envelopes: ideal for sending documents, artwork and prints that need to be kept flat, these envelopes feature a sturdy cardboard back and ‘Do Not Bend’ on the front. Easy to seal with a peel-back strip, you can buy 10 packs in various dimensions
  • Featherpost Gold Padded Envelopes: with robust gold paper over bubble wrap, these padded envelope pouches offer exceptional protection against knocks and bumps during shipping. With a strong sealing strip, choose from various size options
  • Featherpost White Padded Envelopes: keep goods snugly wrapped with these white paper envelopes with padded lining. Endlessly versatile, you can buy small, medium and large white padded envelope pouches in packs of 50, 100 or 200 for shipping all manner of items

When it comes to shape and size, our padded envelope range currently offers the following dimensions:

  • 120mm x 215mm (Size B)
  • 150mm x 215mm (Size C)
  • 180mm x 265mm (Size D)
  • 220mm x 265mm (Size E)
  • 230mm x 340mm (Size F)
  • 270mm x 360mm (Size H)
  • 300mm x 445mm (Size J)
  • 350mm x 470mm (Size K)
  • 485mm x 695mm (Size L)

You can buy board envelopes in an assortment of standard paper sizes that include:

  • 175mm x 250mm
  • 215mm x 270mm
  • 240mm x 315mm
  • 265mm x 350mm
  • 325mm x 458mm

Padded envelope applications

There are countless industries and applications where padded envelopes reign supreme. These include businesses that carry out the following applications:

  • Ecommerce: as online retail has grown, so too has the demand for affordable durable shipping. This is where our padded envelopes shine. Whether shipping electrical parts, clothing or jewellery, they’ll keep goods protected and secure on route to customers
  • Offices: even in modern offices, there’s a need for reliable padded or board envelopes to make sure posted items arrive intact and undamaged. This is particularly important when shipping official documents or certificates that shouldn't be folded
  • Dispatch depots: fast, efficient shipping is the backbone of dispatch depots, so having a ready supply of padded envelopes to hand is crucial - and it helps guarantee items arrive undamaged
  • Postal and courier services: make sure you’re providing customers with high-quality products to send their wares by bulk-buying a selection of large and small padded envelopes and board-backed options

Buying padded envelopes online

Selling wholesale padded envelopes and board-backed document envelopes at competitive prices, we’re your one-stop shop for affordable postal packaging supplies in the UK.

Whatever you’re sending in the post, get unrivalled quality and value with our diverse range of padded envelopes available to buy online today.

With a secure online order process, you can have your padded envelopes in no time, with free UK-wide delivery on orders over £50.

You can enjoy further savings by ordering bulk quantities of padded envelopes, with our structured wholesale discount structure.

Shop our complete range of board and padded envelopes online today for cost-effective shipping solutions. To discuss your packaging needs in more detail or ask us a question, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our packaging experts today.

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