How to Support Social Distancing Using Hazard Warning Tape in Schools and Workplaces

During these unprecedented times, we’ve all had to adapt our way of life to staying at home and implementing safe social distancing in public places in a bid to effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19. For businesses and schools across the UK, this has meant temporary closures or remote working scenarios, but many are looking to reopen in the coming weeks and months. 

In order for this to happen safely and minimise the risk to staff and the general public, social distancing measures are still very much applicable and in this blog post, we’ll be showing you how you can support social distancing using hazard tapes as your trusty tools. From creating visual prompts for queuing to establishing safe social interactions in communal areas, we’ll leave you with actionable advice on how you can prioritise safety when reopening your doors. 

Visual queue prompts

If you’ve ventured out to a supermarket amidst the coronavirus pandemic you’ll no doubt have spotted effective visual prompts on the floor that remind you to adhere to the 2 metre social distancing rule in queues and other crowded areas. 

This strategy can be applied in a whole host of working and educational environments to optimise personal safety and minimise contact between individuals. From till points in retail stores to busy warehouse corridors and school canteen lines, using strong adhesive PVC hazard tape on floors to mark out safe social distancing can be a highly effective way to ensure best practice is upheld when people are required to queue. 

Designated work zones

When preparing your school, office, warehouse or any other business for reopening, you can use high-vis 2 metre social distancing tape to carve out safe, individual working zones. 

Whether this is around a teacher’s desk, on a production line in a manufacturing plant or at an airport check in desk, creating a clear, visible barrier with hazard tape on the floor to define designated work areas should discourage people from entering this area when occupied. 

Safe, social communal spaces

Communal areas such as break rooms, receptions, waiting rooms and classrooms can pose a number of challenges when it comes to implementing suitable social distancing, but that doesn’t mean you need to simply abandon these areas for the foreseeable future.

For one, you can reconfigure the layout of rooms by reducing the volume of seating and positioning furniture 2 metres apart. If furniture isn’t fixed to the floor, you can use warning tape as a visual marker to ensure people are still keeping the right distance between chairs and tables. 

You can apply the same principles for outdoor communal areas, using warning tape to map out safe distancing areas for playgrounds, parks and staff break areas. This will allow people to still have that social interaction without having direct contact with one another. 

One-way walkways

One of the other clever ways you can use hazard warning tape to support social distancing on your premises is to create defined one-way walkways. Whether it’s directing people safely through airport security or implementing a one-flow system in school corridors, having control over foot traffic is key to successful social distancing. 

Black and yellow tape can not only be used to mark out the boundaries of the walkway, but you can also display directional arrows on the floor, as well as 2 metre social distancing markers using tape to inform people the correct way to enter and exit a building. This will keep footfall flowing without impacting on social distancing.

Whether you’re planning on opening your doors in a few weeks or a few months, it’s likely things won’t return to normal straight away and social distancing measures will still play an important role in optimising safety for staff, pupils and the general public. 

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How to Support Social Distancing Using Hazard Warning Tape in Schools and Workplaces