Cardboard Boxes 101: Choosing The Right Solution for Your Business

Cardboard boxes are a key component for supply chain operations, from the production line to delivery, so ensuring you have the right cardboard cartons to suit your business’s needs is key to ensuring your goods are safely and securely protected during both storage and shipping.

To help you make the right choice when it comes to buying cardboard boxes, today’s post will be giving you the lowdown on the different options available, as well as which ones are best suited for particular uses.

Single wall cardboard boxes: the general all-rounder

Single wall cardboard boxes offer exceptional performance and are great packaging products for general use. Whether you’re using these boxes for storing, shipping or categorising goods, they offer a versatile and effective solution you can rely on. 

Featuring a single corrugated sidewall that sits between two layers of thick brown paper, these containers offer a sturdy outer layer for protecting a wide range of goods inside. Best suited to light and medium duty use, they’re a good all-rounder and can be strengthened further when sealed with strong packaging tape. You can even safely stack these boxes up to save on floor space without them collapsing, providing the boxes aren’t too heavy and are packed appropriately.

Ideal for use in office environments, ecommerce, warehouses, delivery depots, house removals and postal rooms, our single wall cardboard boxes offer a strong, versatile and durable container for every day use.

Double wall cardboard boxes: the heavy duty master

If your business needs a little more strength for storing and shipping items, then our double wall cardboard boxes are heavy duty masters. Tipped as the workhorse of cardboard boxes, these products are primed for industrial environments where heavier items are being housed inside. 

With a double corrugated layer encased in thick brown paper on the outside, the walls of these boxes deliver double the strength to traditional alternatives - ensuring they’re well equipped to handle heavy cargo. 

Whether it’s shipping machinery parts or bulky furniture, the robust, reinforced walls are durable and designed to retain their integrity without collapsing and damaging the contents inside. As with the singular boxes, they can also be stacked safely on top of one another when they’re properly packed and sealed - ensuring floor space in busy industrial work areas is fully optimised. 

Opting for a double strength box can also be the right decision if you’re shipping delicate loads, as the extra layer of corrugated cardboard will provide better cushioning for precious cargo on route for added piece of mind. 

Size matters

Regardless of whether you buy cardboard boxes with double or single wall specifications, another important consideration is the size of box you choose. At No1 Packaging, our range of cardboard boxes offers a choice of sizes to ensure you’re able to pick out the perfect solution to protect your products. 

The wrong size container could easily mean contents get damaged on route. For instance, if you’re selling dainty handmade ornaments online, shipping your products to customers in small cardboard boxes where the piece snugly fits inside with the addition of some bubble wrap will ensure it’s not going to be knocked against the side of the box and broken during delivery.

Of course, it works the other way too. For some items, choosing large cardboard boxes that can be packed out with void fill to absorb potential impact could provide the best level of protection your product needs to reach its destination intact. Or, perhaps more space can provide the opportunity to combine shipping multiple items to the same destination, saving you money on packaging and shipping costs.

The best way to ensure you always have the right size container is to order a variety of sizes and with all our cardboard boxes coming in flat-pack form, they won’t take up huge amounts of space to store either. 

We hope this blog post has given you all the information you need when it comes to choosing the right cardboard boxes for your business, but if you have any questions about our products or want to discuss your requirements in more detail, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team of packaging experts are always on hand to help. 


Cardboard Boxes 101: Choosing The Right Solution for Your Business