Kraft Union

When it comes to shipping your products, at No1 Packaging, we fully understand that you need products you can rely on - and our kraft union paper is up to the job. Strong, durable and moisture-resistant, this hardy paper is an ideal option for heavy-duty shipping applications where you need complete reassurance that items will be well-protected during transit. 

Heavy-duty paper for heavy-duty use

By laminating together two kraft paper plies using bitumen, we’ve created our kraft union paper - which has been manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring it delivers unbeatable strength, tear resistance and moisture-repelling properties.

Commonly used for lining wooden export crates, kraft union paper provides the ultimate protection for shipping heavy goods. The waterproof layer on both sides works to make sure that moisture and dirt don’t seep into the cartons and cause damage to the cargo inside. 

Kraft bitumen paper can also be used as suitable protective wrapping paper for machinery parts and engineering components, ensuring these items are sealed against the elements during shipping.

Practical and reliable solutions

Whether you’re shipping large equipment internationally or smaller machinery parts within the UK, our kraft union paper will provide you with a practical protective layer you can rely on. Supplied in a choice of sizes and thicknesses, up to 165 GSM, our kraft union paper is designed to deliver exceptional strength and durability when you need it most.

Browse our complete range now, where you’ll find premium products available to buy online today at competitive prices. We’ll even give you free UK mainland delivery when you spend over £50.

If you need to buy your kraft union paper in bulk, you can take full advantage of our special bulk order discounts, too. To discuss your needs or have your product questions answered, get in touch with our expert team.

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